Mary, Mother of Jesus in the Quran

Jacob Haq will discuss the profound significance of Mary, the mother of Jesus In Islam. He will elaborate on the Quranic story of the annunciation and birth of Jesus (peace be upon him), and the significance of Mary as an exemplar of spiritual excellence and unshakeable faith in God.

Jacob (Imran) Haq is a graduate student in Islamic Chaplaincy and Interreligious Studies at Hartford International University of Religion and Peace. Born in Portland, Oregon to a Pakistani father and a European-American mother, he currently lives in Virginia. Jacob has a B.A. in Religious Studies and a minor in Islamic Studies from George Mason University.

Jacob’s academic interests include Islamic spirituality, the histories of Islam in China, Central Asia, and the Subcontinent, Islamic aesthetics from the beauty of masjids and gardens to the musical traditions of Islam – all conduits of our human experience of the Divine.

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