Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

As we enter the 10th day of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Muslim Coalition of Connecticut stands with the Ukrainian people and offers support and our collective prayers to the victims of aggression and violence. This escalating conflict will lead to immense civilian casualties, increasing humanitarian needs, and is leading to one of the biggest displacement crises in Europe since World War II. The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that 1.4 million people have fled their homes to neighboring countries, and more than 12 million will be internally displaced within Ukraine. This crisis will impact Ukraine’s citizens for a long time. We hope and pray for a swift and peaceful resolution to the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine.

We stand with the victims whose lives have been upended. Families have been forced to separate – men required to remain in Ukraine to defend their country, women and children fleeing to neighboring countries. Humanitarian organizations are facing increasing obstacles when trying to deliver food, shelter, and safety for all. Volunteers from neighboring countries have extended their help to provide aid in many forms to the thousands of refugees crossing their borders. The impact on families and children is especially concerning. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children are without safe water, heating, and electricity because of damage to critical infrastructure. They are enduring profound trauma because of the violence around them.

The tragedy in Ukraine is a stark reminder that more than 80 million people throughout the world are refugees. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin, every person suffering aggression, persecution, and violence, merits our support and concern for their well-being. Muslim Coalition of Connecticut stands with the Ukrainians and all refugees and offers our compassion and hope for a peaceful and just resolution for all people.

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