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Statement on Earthquake in Turkiye

We at the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut are devastated by the aftermath of the two back-to-back earthquakes that struck southeast Turkiye and northwest Syria on February 6. We extend out deepest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones. More than 20,000 lives have been lost along with more than 70,000 wounded. Desperate search and rescue operations are ongoing, but the freezing winter temperatures have hampered international aid from arriving in a timely fashion.

These areas affected by the disaster were already home to millions of people displaced by war. More than two million people are now living in camps on the Syrian border. This compounded humanitarian disaster has caused even greater widespread hunger and homelessness in both countries.

The need is great: food and medical supplies, temporary relief and housing  for displaced families, support to front-line workers, and warm clothing are desperately needed.

May Allah (swt) embrace the victims of this disaster and provide solace to the survivors who have lost loved ones. Muslim Coalition of Connecticut extends its sympathies and prayers to all affected by this disaster. 

Please consider donating to whatever international aid organization that you support with any means that you can.

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The White Helmets

Syrian American Medical Society

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