Statement on Ontario Terror Attack

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut extends its most profound condolences to the London, Ontario, Azfaal family and their loved ones. A driver wearing a “body armor-like vest” intentionally ploughed into the five family members ages 9-74 in a pickup truck as they were waiting to cross at an intersection on Sunday, June 6, 2021. Canadian authorities have called this an act of terrorism.

We condemn this heinous mass murder and call for its vigorous prosecution. Equally important, we call on local and national governments everywhere to do their utmost to foster intercultural understanding, respect for the “other,” and religious liberty for all. We urge educational leaders at all levels to increase active, consistent efforts to counter every type of bigotry including the Islamophobic ideas and rhetoric pervasive globally that catalyzes these terror attacks. We demand active educational efforts in all civil institutions to address hate that often is the result of fear caused by ignorance.

We pray for the souls of those murdered and for the healing and full recovery of nine-year-old Fayez Azfaal, who now faces life without his parents, grandmother, and sister. We ask that God protect him and provide all the support, strength and patience he will need.

As a Muslim organization whose mission is to foster American Islamic values through education about Islam and Muslims and service to our community, we see this hate crime as evidence that we must multiply efforts to increase understanding and respect among people of diverse beliefs and to work for justice for all. To this end, our Speakers’ Bureau stands ready to provide presentations on Islam and Muslim either virtually or in person. We ask God’s help in our collaborative efforts with those of other faiths and beliefs to build a culture of mutual respect in our society.

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