"And We have not sent you forth but as a mercy to mankind.” (Quran, Al-Anbiyaa: 107)

We Build bridges in the community

Connecting through education, community service, and collaboration


Clarify Misunderstandings

To clarify misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims through education and outreach in the local community.

Establish Working Relationships

To establish a working relationship with educational institutions, faith-based organizations, government entities, corporations, and local healthcare facilities.

Create & Maintain Alliances

To maintain active alliances with local groups on social issues of common concern.

Establish Engagement Opportunities

To establish opportunities for Muslim youth to actively engage in the public sphere through professional activities and community service.

— Our Story

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT) was founded in 2004 by a group of local leaders in an effort to provide an alternative to the negative illustrations of Muslims. The leadership of the Berlin, Waterbury, and Hartford Muslim communities came together with other activists to establish an organization that would focus on educating the public on Islam and Muslims and building alliances with other faith communities in Connecticut through social activism and collective civil programming. 

— Our Mission

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote American Islamic Values through education, outreach, and community service.

— Our Vision

To provide opportunities for the Connecticut Muslim community to integrate with the greater community, while maintaining core Islamic values.

Who We Are

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We'll be adding lots of content this year, including recordings of our live speaking engagements as well as the stories behind our community service and outreach programs.

Through partnerships and community focus, we broaden understanding of Islam and facilitate interreligious and multicultural cooperation.

Now in our 17th year as an organization, we continue build bridges amid modern challenges and world events that polarize people; we strive for peace, tolerance, understanding and the promotion of Islamic values in America.

Board Members

Mike Karpman

Mike is an energy engineer and law student at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Born in Russia, he moved to the United States with his family at the age of three. He has lived in Connecticut for nearly 20 years and attended the University of Connecticut in Storrs as an undergraduate. He currently resides in New Britain with his wife, Maschal, a Pakistani-American. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, enjoying the great outdoors, and reading good books. Mike Karpman is a board member of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut.

Aida Mansoor

Aida was born in London, England. Her parents are from Sri Lanka. She obtained her Honors B.S degree in Biochemistry/Physiology at King’s College, University of London. She has a Masters Degree in Community Health. Aida also received a Masters Degree in Religious Studies with a focus in Christian-Muslim Relations from the Hartford Seminary. She received her Islamic Chaplaincy Certificate in 2012.  She is a board member of the Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding and has been awarded the Human Relations Award from the National Conference for Community and Justice. Aida serves as the Director of Field Education at the Hartford International University for Religion and Peace working with students in the Peacebuilding and Chaplaincy programs. 

Arbaaz Tanveer

Arbaaz works as a systems and software engineer at Belcan Engineering Corporation. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Trinity College. In his free time he enjoys skiing, hiking, kayaking, volunteering with the Town of Windsor, and watching football.

Mukhtar Suleiman

Mukhtar is currently a Medical Laboratory Technician at the University of Connecticut Health Center’s Department of Laboratory Medicine where he has worked since 1987. He has been actively involved with MCCT for many years, currently serving as  chair for the annual Eid Carnival. Mukhtar enjoys serving at the Hartford Mercy shelter every month. He has assisted in the building of the Abrahamic house with the Habitat for Humanity collaborating with Muslim, Christian and Jewish volunteers. He is also an active member of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford in Berlin. Mukhtar has received the Honorable Husky Hero Award and was one of the first recipients of the Black and Hispanic Award. He has also received an award from the Islamic Council of New England for many years of selfless service to the community”.

Farah Choudhry

Farah Choudhry earned her degree in medicine at the Fatimah Jinnah Medical University in Lahore, Pakistan. She has been a board-certified doctor of Pediatric and Adolescent medicine for the last 23 years here in CT. She did her pediatric residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and has practice medicine in the Waterbury-Middlebury area since 1998. She is married with three adult children. She enjoys gardening, outdoor activities, and working to benefit the community.

Nermin Miki Duric

Nermin is a Bosnian-American who came to the United States as a refugee in 2000. He has experience since 2002 in insurance, real estate, and tax preparation. As a business owner since 2005, he has been servicing his clients for many years in CT and NY.
Nermin received his Bachelor’s degree from Central Connecticut State University and his MBA from the University of Hartford. He takes the most pride in his work done with the Bosnian-American Islamic Cultural Center in Hartford. He also serves as a board member on the Town of Wethersfield Insurance Commission. Nermin lives in Wethersfield with his wife Leila and four children

Reza Mansoor

Dr. Mansoor is board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and practices as a Cardiologist at Starling Cardiology and Hartford Hospital. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Mansoor is President of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, advisory board member of MSA-CT Council, and founding president of MCCT. He is a past president of the Islamic Center of Connecticut and Islamic Council of New England. He is actively involved in the inter-faith community and provides ongoing didactic presentations on Islam. He was First Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Hartford Seminary. Dr. Mansoor is the  author of a book ‘Stigmatized: From 9/11 to Trump and Beyond – An American Muslim Journey’.

Fatma Antar

Fatma, a U.S citizen, is currently an Emeritus Professor and Adjunct Professor of Economics at Manchester Community College (MCC). She is a U.S citizen born in Egypt having graduated from Cairo University in Business and later obtaining a Masters in Economics from the University of Connecticut. Fatma provides many lectures on Islam, women equity in Islam and the Middle East. She is a board member of the Hartford Seminary, the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, the Islamic Council of New England, the New Britain Interfaith Area Conference, Interreligious Eco-Justice Network, and is the founding member of We Refuse to be Enemies, Christian/ Muslim Women of Hope, and MCCT. She is the Co-Chair of MCCT’s Speakers Bureau. Fatma is married and has two sons.

Tamkanat Mohiuddin

Tamkanat Mohiuddin earned a B.S. degree in Economics from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan, and has diplomas in interior design and a certificate in domestic violence assistance. She has taught ESL in private and public schools in the US and in Pakistan. She has also served on the board of the CT Council for Interreligious Understanding and was a member of the Interfaith Clergy Association of Glastonbury, CT. She played a number social service and teaching roles aiding refugees and immigrants in Houston, Texas prior to returning to CT where she is currently active in community service. Tamkanat is married and has two adult children.

Colleen Keyes

Colleen Keyes currently teaches courses on Islam at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace as adjunct faculty. She taught English and Spanish for over 20 years and served as bot faculty and academic dean/vice president at Tunxis Community College and Zaytuna College. Colleen earned a Ph.D. in Arab Studies/Theology at the University of Exeter, an M.A. in Islamic Studies & Christian Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary, an M.A. in Education at Fairfield University, and a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish at Clark University. She is active in community service, interfaith relations, social justice and human rights issues.

Rabia Shahid

Rabia works as an HR Systems and Benefits Specialist at UTC Aerospace Systems. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Wesleyan University. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, finding ways to make traditional Pakistani food healthier, volunteering with community outreach organizations, and educating people on how to make better use of employer benefits.

Suhair Kader

Suhair Kader, originally from Nablus, Palestine, graduated from Hebron University in English Language Arts. She began her career as a teacher in Amman, Jordan at Hiteen College. She immigrated to CT in 1991, worked at Webster Bank and currently works at Holmes Elementary School in New Britain. Suhair is married and has three adult daughters. She passionately organizes and provides direct aid to local Muslim immigrants and refugees in need and has developed a strong network to carry out this work in central CT for the last six years.

Ali Shakibai

Ali is an Iranian-American citizen who has been practicing adult internal medicine and clinical cardiology in Connecticut, since 1973. He is a member of several non-medical and medical associations including Islamic Medical Association of North America, Physicians for Social Responsibly, and Doctors Without Borders. He is a member and representative of Jafary Association of Connecticut and Islamic Inst. of Ahl Albeyt as well as a Corporate member of the Hartford Seminary. He is also one of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of Alavi Foundation in NYC. He has been a board Member of MCCT for several years now.

Moeen Sharaf Shelter Serve bio pic
Moeen Sharaf

Moeen Sharaf has been the President and CEO of DME Living Well, a medical supplies company in Manchester, CT for over 11 years, following more than 2 decades with Pfizer. He is a graduate of Kean University and West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He is married and has 2 adult children. Moeen and his wife, Safia, have coordinated MCCT’s monthly shelter service at Mercy Shelter in Hartford for the last 5 years. Moeen also supports a charity in Pakistan that provides food, education, basic technical training, and water pumps in underserved areas.


Saima Malik
Program Coordinator

Saima grew up in England, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors, majoring in English Language and Literature. She then earned a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies with a Concentration in Christian-Muslim Relations from Hartford International University, CT.  She has also worked at Hartford International University where she held the position of Director of Educational Outreach Programs. Saima was a founding member of the faculty at Madina Academy in Windsor, CT and served as a teacher at the school for many years. She has also held the position of Literacy Coordinator and Interim Director of Administration at Madina Academy.

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